How To Avoid Google Penalty In 2019

With new updates being introduced every day, search engines are trying their best to provide their users with the best web surfing experience. Where these changes help improve user experience, they might affect the rank of your website or in case, might get it penalized. Today we are going to discuss to avoid Google penalty in 2019 be it happens. The Google penalty occurs when you don’t follow the guidelines provided by the search engines or you end up going against the rules defined by the search engines.

If you want your website to be safe from Google Penalty then you need to know what causes website penalization in the first place. There are two basic concepts when it comes to two website penalization. There is a concept called Spamming in which includes excessive an unnatural link building, comments spamming and stuff like that. Another thing is Google’s Algorithmic Updates. When Google introduces a new rule or policy that overrules the previously defined rules. You need to be aware of all of that if you want your website to be saved of Google Penalties.

Steps To Avoid Google Penalty In 2019

Following are 5 steps that you should stop doing if you want to avoid getting penalized by Google in 2019.

1. Avoid Links Spamming

Link building is the heart of Search Engine optimization and one of the top ranking factors. If done in the right way, it can produce great results but if you try and go against Google’s link building guidelines and be ready to get penalized. One of the things that Google doesn’t like at all is the buying and selling of links. Google appreciates honesty and it expects the same from you. If you use false means like using paid links then it won’t be good for you website rank.

Here are some of the things that you should avoid doing when it comes to link building

  • Buying and Selling Links
  • Comments Link Spamming
  • Excessive Guest Posting
  • Irrelevant Links Exchange
  • Links Stuffed Content

You need to be moderate when it comes to your link building strategy. Try to keep it as natural as possible because if there is any kind of anomaly then Google is going to find out any way.

2. Create Rich and Unique Content

Coming up with unique content is not easy. Especially right now when there is literally limitless content about any topic that you can think of. This makes it quite hard to create unique content that would engage your visitors. But there is no other way. You need to do it any way. Creating unique content is all about creativity and discipline. If you think hard enough, you can come up with unique and rich content.

The number one thing that Google hates when it comes to content is plagiarism. Content stealing is wrong and Google takes it quite seriously. Most people get into the trap of following a shortcut and going for content stealing but you should know that it is the fastest way of getting penalized.

If you want your website to avoid getting penalized by Google then here is what you should

  • Consistently Create New Content
  • Avoid Content Spamming
  • Never, Ever publish copied or plagiarized content on your website

If you want to generate quality content automatically then you can use the SEO Tools Centre’s sentence rewriter tool for that purpose.

3. Stay Updated with Google’s Latest Algorithmic Updates

You cannot make yourself follow the rules if you don’t know what they in the first place. We are talking about the latest algorithmic updates that Google and other search engines keep bringing up every day. There have been many incidents in the past where people got kicked out by Google from the search engine rankings even though they didn’t do anything wrong apparently. Their only mistake was they didn’t keep themselves updated with the latest Google Algorithms.

Identifying Algorithmic penalties is quite hard because it not like general spamming penalties and you don’t even get notified about them. The only way you can find out about these penalties is if you keep track of the rank of your website. If it is dropping consistently then you might be doing something that is against Google’s quality guidelines. 

4. Avoid Negative SEO

Black hat SEO techniques are number cause of Google Penalty. If you are the kind of person who is not interested in under the hood website ranking details and don’t know anything about SEO then you’d probably hire some SEO agency for doing the optimization work. Make sure that they follow the standard SEO techniques and not illegal techniques like spamming.

For that, you first need to be aware of at least some of the basic standard SEO techniques so that you can monitor the work of your hired SEO Company. Most companies would simply just use false means like spamming. Make sure that your SEO team is flowing the latest, standard SEO techniques.  

5. Pay Attention to Comments Spamming

The number one most common thing that gets your website penalized is comments spamming. This includes both comments i.e. the ones that you do on other blogs and the ones that people do on your blog. Both these things are considered malicious by Google. Comment linking was a trend a few years back but since the new updates by Google, things have changed.

One way to avoid comment spamming is to only comment on forums that are relevant to yours. And for the comments on your forum, make sure to go through your comment section at least once and get rid of the comments that might seem like spam. There are better ways to earn links via commenting but whatever you do, avoid comment spamming at all costs.

Final Words: The SEOToolsCentre’s above mentioned are the most common mistakes that beginners do that gets their website penalized. If you want to grow your website then make sure that you avoid spamming of all kinds at all costs and also, keep yourself updated with the new Google Algorithmic updates. You can only get a better rank if you play Google’s rules. And if you plan on using any shortcuts then you better prepare yourself for the consequences as well. That is it. For more details about latest Google’s penalty policy, stay tuned!  

Is Paraphrasing tools are essential for the SEO?

Today we are going to discuss “is paraphrasing tools are necessary for the SEO” but before going into to about it let me tell you about what Paraphrasing tools are for what purpose they are used.

What is Paraphrasing tool?

Paraphrase tool which is also known as the article rewriter tool is used to convert any article or web contents to save time and to escape from copyright issues.

These tools are mostly utilized by the people who are involved in online writing work. It means that if you are in this job, then your job is to create a unique and new article that is published on the internet for the public.

How to paraphrase using seo tools centre: Video Guide

As you now that number of websites on the web is increasing day by day, covering different issues or topics according to the public interest. You have also seen many sites that contain various articles on the same topic and having the same meaning but different words. It is where these article rewriter tools are used by the webmaster to create content for their sites.

What are the importance of Article paraphrasing in SEO?

I hope you are now fully understood about the rephrasing and its purpose of use. Now come to the importance of using this rephrase tool in SEO.

The term SEO stands for the Search Engine Optimization that means developing a strategy and adopting of different ways to rank your keyword or site on the top in search engines like Google. Publishing of good content is one most important part of this strategy.

This rephrases tool will help you to generate good content for your site. The first thing that you will get by using this fantastic article spinner tool is that you will get fully plagiarism-free (copyscape) pass contents.

When a webmaster goes to rewrite an article manually, it will take a lot of time that can make him restless. By using this article rewriter tool, you can get your article in no time because it is the efficient and fast tool that gives results in no time. You can create 100s of articles by using this fantastic tool at the same time that you will take rewriting one article manually.

This rephrasing tool not only provides plagiarism free article but also give you suggestions for selecting the words that need to be changed to make an article more unique with the help of availability of a vast number of synonyms.

There is a phrase in the online writing field that “Contents are the king” that means publishing of low-quality article will not give you any advantage besides this how much effort you took to write them on your own. This sentence rewriter will provide you with an article with high-quality contents that will give you a lot of benefits.

How do we can paraphrase the article online?

It’s the most common question asked by the students that how to paraphrase paragraph, essay or sentence. We have to clear all of your queries related to the paraphrasing topic. Let’s see how to use the tool online to produce fresh content for your online and offline purposes. 

1. First, go to the home page.

paraphrase tool

2. Select the “sentence paraphraser tool“.

paraphrase tool using

3. Copy and paste the content into the box.

how to paraphrase

4. Select your favorite language.

paraphrase tool online

5. Click the “click to paraphrase” button to paraphrase.

paraphrase sentence online

6. Apply your favorite suggestion.

how to paraphrase a pragraph

7. Check for plagiarism if you want to analyze for the duplicate content issue.

how to check for plagiarism online

Conclusion: After discussing the topic Is use of online paraphrasing tool is essential for the SEO, SEO Tools Centre team have come to the point that this tool will provide with quality work and can help you in getting top rank in search engines. As it is SEO supported tool so, there is no harm to use these article rewriter tools to get unique contents.